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Lunch & Playground Schedule

About the Program

The monthly lunch and playground schedule shows the volunteers assigned for each day. If you recently received your Virtus badge and would like to volunteer for lunch and playground duty, email .  If your Virtus badge is expiring, please schedule an appointment to be re-fingerprinted. The process and forms are available by visiting the Parents/Volunteer at SCS  section of the web site.

The monthly lunch and playground schedule can be found by clicking the links below.

If you have a question, email

Scheduling Process

Schedules will be emailed and posted three months at a time. With more advanced notice, you'll be able to identify conflicts with your personal schedule and find a replacement well in advance of your scheduled day. Please look at the schedule as soon as you receive it and if a conflict is identified, quickly reach out to find a replacement.

  • Advanced Notice  - The conflict is  more than two weeks away . Contact the Playground/Lunch Duty Coordinator ONLY. She will work with you to find a replacement.

  • Short Term Notice  - The conflict is  two weeks or less away, but not the day of . First, attempt to find a replacement by contacting your circle of friends and acquaintances. If you're unsuccessful, then send an email to the entire volunteer list. 

  • Urgent  - A conflict arises  the day of your scheduled duty . Send an email to the entire volunteer list seeking a replacement.  If you  do not  find a replacement, send an email to the other volunteers scheduled for that shift to let them know they will be short handed.  

When responding to an email sent to the entire volunteer list (i.e., "Reply All"):

  • If you are unable to assist, do nothing. There is no need to reply if you are unable to assist.

  • If you can "cover" the person's duty, reply  directly and only  to the person sending the email.

  • If you are the person seeking coverage,  immediately  upon getting a replacement, send another email to the entire volunteer list noting that coverage has been found.