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Lunch Program

Lunches are patterned after the nutritional requirements of the "National School Lunch Program".

The school lunch program is provided for students with orders placed on a monthly basis. Our provider, Café Terias, is a state-certified school food service management company. Should you have any questions, please call Café Terias at 732-899-2669. All information regarding the specifics of the monthly program is posted here and will be updates shortly.

Recess/ Lunch Schedule

  Time Recess Lunch
  10:05 - 11:25    
  11:25 - 11:45    
  11:45 - 12:05    
  12:05 - 12:25    
  12:30 - 12:50    
  12:50 -   1:10    
    1:10 -   1:30